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September 2023 Newsletter 💞Spoiler alert: New stunning health-boosting launch

September 2023 Newsletter Spoiler alert: New stunning health-boosting launch

Let's look at three considerations of a coaching relationship.


The first three aspects of coaching focus on what it means to capitalize on a health training partnership.


  • Be authentic


When we think about our health, does this thought come to mind? "Something isn't working or needs a redo."

A coaching relationship is often an opportunity of a lifetime. 

A personal health story can take decades to write. 

Many people ask, "Is it possible to change?" 

Working with a coach is a golden moment. 

Let's put our minds to it. 

As a client, lean into the relationship with me as the coach. 

I'm here for you. 

I've been finessing for decades how best to help people deepen their relationship with health and move forward, and over and under roadblocks.

How do we know when we're being authentic?



  • Connect 


The coach's job is to...

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August 2023 Newsletter 7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer

August 2023 Newsletter


7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer


Take a journey without ever leaving your home this summer as you lean into these heart-healthy recipes. 


The lighter, summery ingredients in the food recipes are easily digested. 

Eat them for dinner, and rise the next day feeling revitalized and ready to make solid, health-forward choices that keep you accountable for your optimal health plans. 


You can use these breathing techniques anywhere. 

Take a break on your next walk or city stroll. 

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and explore how you feel after using 4-7-8 Breath or Loving Kindness Meditation. 


Rejuvenate this summer using these best practices. 

Chill, knowing the benefit of this trip will last a lifetime.


4 Epic Summertime Recipes



  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


This Mediterranean quinoa salad is chock-full of fresh veggies that marinate in a bright, new...

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July 2023 Newsletter It’s Summer! Be brave and lead with love

What’s the best path to connection? 

As purpose-filled 55+ women, one of our charges is to create community.

Choose the strength of community as often as you may need it.

We all do better together. 


Let's embrace the light

I’ve been noticing how easy it is to go out for a walk after dinner. It stays light so much longer. The temps are finally warming up (sorry, Houston!) I say hi to kids and neighbors out on their porches. I love noticing familiar faces on walking trails, or at the dog park. The next time you’re out and walking by someone, I invite you to say hi and strike up a conversation about the weather, their dog, and the construction in the area. I was just listening to a podcast that stated that people’s perception of you is more favorable than you think. Go into the next social setting and remember that people like you more than you think. Go ahead, say hi, and see what happens. 

How can we be patient and present?


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July 2021 Blog Finding Sanctuaries to Breathe and Hold Sacred Space

We all play a major role in creating sustainable habitats for plants and animals. As the world opens up again, find sanctuaries to breathe and hold natural, sacred space. 


June is a magical month for flowers. Did you ever, as a young person, stand next to a peony bush and watch the ants work their magic on a peony bud? The buds are a food source for the ants and the peony is protected from other sap-feeding insects. This is a form of mutualism in nature. 

When the peony blooms, the scent draws one in. Each petal is a velvety layer of beauty, ever-expanding until an early summer rain causes the flower heads to droop, thus ending their magnificent, annual display. 


Don’t delay. Watch nature’s fashion show through the summer. Driving around town, I just noticed my first roses blooming in various gardens. The new color appears, seemingly out of nowhere. Bees gather the rose nectar and pollen. 


Pay attention as the floral world...

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