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October 2023 Newsletter Get a dose of inspiration from a woman who lived over 150 years ago

October 2023 Newsletter

Elizabeth Packard…unsung hero


Read and be changed

Women’s stories are vast, and some are unforgettable, especially when the storytelling is powerful. 

Life-changing moments happen. 

I had one when I read “The Woman They Could Not Silence” by Kate Moore. 

When was your last life-changing moment? How did your life change? 


I just finished Kate Moore’s  “The Woman They Could Not Silence” by Kate Moore, about Elizabeth Packard in the 1860s and her mighty struggles during her life and incarceration in an insane asylum. 

Books that lead me to see the world in a new way are a rare find. 

What was the last book that did that for you, changed your perception of the world? 


I love a long book. When I found this one in the library's nonfiction section, I was unprepared for a thriller that read like one. Unputdownable, that’s how it’s described on the ...

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July 2023 Newsletter Itโ€™s Summer! Be brave and lead with love

What’s the best path to connection? 

As purpose-filled 55+ women, one of our charges is to create community.

Choose the strength of community as often as you may need it.

We all do better together. 


Let's embrace the light

I’ve been noticing how easy it is to go out for a walk after dinner. It stays light so much longer. The temps are finally warming up (sorry, Houston!) I say hi to kids and neighbors out on their porches. I love noticing familiar faces on walking trails, or at the dog park. The next time you’re out and walking by someone, I invite you to say hi and strike up a conversation about the weather, their dog, and the construction in the area. I was just listening to a podcast that stated that people’s perception of you is more favorable than you think. Go into the next social setting and remember that people like you more than you think. Go ahead, say hi, and see what happens. 

How can we be patient and present?


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