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March 2024 Newsletter Spring is in the air! What will you do to greet the new Spring season?

March 2024 Newsletter


Spring is in the air!

What will you do to greet the new Spring season? 

What memories come to mind? 

Let the new season brighten your mood as you replace the snow shovels with a garden trowel. 

Distill Spring's best and soak up the goodness that comes after making it through another winter. 


I love talking about Spring during late winter. 

I know not everyone lives in Zone 3-6 like me, and you may already be wearing your rain jackets, and tulips may be blooming in your garden. Snow has been scarce in Montana, so I'm considering when to plant my radish seeds. Is starting herbs on the windowsill calling to you?


A harbinger is "a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another." 

What are you looking for in the Spring? Your spring cleaning may involve changing out your clothes. Word has it that we wear only 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Haven't worn an item in a year? Make space in your...

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July 2021 Blog Finding Sanctuaries to Breathe and Hold Sacred Space

We all play a major role in creating sustainable habitats for plants and animals. As the world opens up again, find sanctuaries to breathe and hold natural, sacred space. 


June is a magical month for flowers. Did you ever, as a young person, stand next to a peony bush and watch the ants work their magic on a peony bud? The buds are a food source for the ants and the peony is protected from other sap-feeding insects. This is a form of mutualism in nature. 

When the peony blooms, the scent draws one in. Each petal is a velvety layer of beauty, ever-expanding until an early summer rain causes the flower heads to droop, thus ending their magnificent, annual display. 


Don’t delay. Watch nature’s fashion show through the summer. Driving around town, I just noticed my first roses blooming in various gardens. The new color appears, seemingly out of nowhere. Bees gather the rose nectar and pollen. 


Pay attention as the floral world...

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