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August 2023 Newsletter 7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer

August 2023 Newsletter


7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer


Take a journey without ever leaving your home this summer as you lean into these heart-healthy recipes. 


The lighter, summery ingredients in the food recipes are easily digested. 

Eat them for dinner, and rise the next day feeling revitalized and ready to make solid, health-forward choices that keep you accountable for your optimal health plans. 


You can use these breathing techniques anywhere. 

Take a break on your next walk or city stroll. 

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and explore how you feel after using 4-7-8 Breath or Loving Kindness Meditation. 


Rejuvenate this summer using these best practices. 

Chill, knowing the benefit of this trip will last a lifetime.


4 Epic Summertime Recipes



  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


This Mediterranean quinoa salad is chock-full of fresh veggies that marinate in a bright, new...

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December 2022 Newsletter Trees are like People

Do you have a favorite tree? Recently while listening to a sermon, our minister referred to a tree on the edge of a field. 


Has this ever happened to you? That someone will say something and a whole experience unravels in your mind?


That's what transpired a few weeks ago. I saw myself with my daughter on our trip of a lifetime in Bali. We sat on our balcony that overlooked an enormous tree. In the morning we watched hundreds of birds rise up to the outermost branches and fly off for the day. In the evening, the birds would return back into the protection of the branches for the night.


This is a tree that I return to, in my mind, often. It's now become a symbol for how important deep roots are, as well as branches that reach skyward. As we age, trees can become symbolic for us. We want to stand tall, and weather storms. We want to be a refuge for others and to stand tall, to support ourselves, and others. We expand our horizons. 



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