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September 2023 Newsletter 💞Spoiler alert: New stunning health-boosting launch

September 2023 Newsletter Spoiler alert: New stunning health-boosting launch

Let's look at three considerations of a coaching relationship.


The first three aspects of coaching focus on what it means to capitalize on a health training partnership.


  • Be authentic


When we think about our health, does this thought come to mind? "Something isn't working or needs a redo."

A coaching relationship is often an opportunity of a lifetime. 

A personal health story can take decades to write. 

Many people ask, "Is it possible to change?" 

Working with a coach is a golden moment. 

Let's put our minds to it. 

As a client, lean into the relationship with me as the coach. 

I'm here for you. 

I've been finessing for decades how best to help people deepen their relationship with health and move forward, and over and under roadblocks.

How do we know when we're being authentic?



  • Connect 


The coach's job is to...

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