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July 2023 Newsletter It’s Summer! Be brave and lead with love

What’s the best path to connection? 

As purpose-filled 55+ women, one of our charges is to create community.

Choose the strength of community as often as you may need it.

We all do better together. 


Let's embrace the light

I’ve been noticing how easy it is to go out for a walk after dinner. It stays light so much longer. The temps are finally warming up (sorry, Houston!) I say hi to kids and neighbors out on their porches. I love noticing familiar faces on walking trails, or at the dog park. The next time you’re out and walking by someone, I invite you to say hi and strike up a conversation about the weather, their dog, and the construction in the area. I was just listening to a podcast that stated that people’s perception of you is more favorable than you think. Go into the next social setting and remember that people like you more than you think. Go ahead, say hi, and see what happens. 

How can we be patient and present?


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July 2022 Blog What's on Your To-Do List?

Move on up

Have you noticed this in the past few years? That your health is moving up on the to-do list?


People who were 55-90 years old were surveyed about their beliefs about their health and what contributed to a healthy lifestyle in a new study by AARP and National Geographic.


It was noted that participants recognized that good health is no longer a given and it’s a critical time to stabilize health and engage in activities that will improve wellbeing.


These last few weeks, I’ve been part of a teaching lab of my own making as I recover from Covid.

The three days of fever were debilitating and the lingering lung issues were worrisome and troubling.

I’ve known several people with long-haul Covid symptoms and wanted to avoid dealing, at all costs, with the ongoing effects of this insidious virus.


Keep this list handy

That’s when I created the list of alternative therapies that I repeated until I had that moment…you know...

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March 2022 Blog Watch for Your Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Which ones have you seen lately? 


My first harbingers of spring are usually the birds. On February 12, I saw and heard my first red-wing blackbirds. These songbirds are so apparent with their call (“come-for-tea”) and bright red wings. They usually arrive in a flock so it’s hard to miss them. 


The most important factor in noticing them is to be out in nature. Got a bird feeder? They’ll arrive there. Live near water? Blackbirds or other newly-arriving flocks can be found in a tree overlooking a stream, river, or lake. 


Call to them. Repeat their song and they’ll respond to you. I love doing this as I walk past a tree that they’re sitting in. I feel as though we’re friends. 


Another sign I noticed is magpies with twigs or grasses in their beaks. I don’t see where they’re landing and yet I know there will be squawking in a few months from babies demanding (in no...

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January 2022 Blog What’s more important than your optimal health?

January 2022 Blog  What's More Important than Your Optimal Health?


We have so much to focus on, so much to learn and witness. 

Let’s get set up for this year’s success. 

What’s more important than your optimal health? 

Use your energy as wisely as possible. 

Make a difference, as you live a balanced life. 

What will your next purposeful health chapter look like?  


How vital is it to Nourish Your Vitality

This is the byline of ARAY Wellness Coaching. What does that mean to you? 

Especially as we move more comfortably into the seat of the elder, we need ways to boost our balance on body, mind, and soul levels. 

Know how to switch from the fear of falling, to embracing empowerment. 

To silence the food gremlins and be the boss of your food and drink. 

How many of you wish you could keep your cool more often when the situation starts to heat up? 


This awareness of your vitality...

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November 2021 Blog Change of Seasons

Isn’t it funny how our taste buds change over the years? 

Then, Skippy peanut butter was the cat’s meow. 

Now, it’s freshly ground nut butter from the coop. 

A frequent treat had always been stopping at the bakery on the way home from school for a cruller.

Now, the Left-over Oatmeal Muffins with fruit and nuts are the sweet of choice. 

Then and now….how things evolve. 


I’m in the middle of my fourth fast of the year. 


Three days with only liquids and three days on either side to wean off and back onto food.


What are the benefits? 


  • The golden hues of autumn are glorious. 
  • It’s easier to hear the jewels of wisdom from within.
  • There’s a reset with food, especially salty and sweet. 
  • A calm descends and stays for weeks. 
  • During a silent fast, sinking into the quiet is even easier. And, it’s fun to talk again.
  • Breaking the fast, each bite of food is...
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October 2021 Blog Get to The Other Side

Get to The Other Side

How do you build bridges in your life? We have so many options to create paths of body, mind, and soul unity. 


I have always loved bridges. Creating connection is critical in today’s fractured world. The pandemic and the Delta variant make it even more important to devise ways that keep you in communication with others. Whether it’s through a phone call, email, or text, there are ways to reach out without being face-to-face, and employing them serves as a two-way street. Your contact may be the only touchstone your friend or loved one may receive that day, in several days, or that week. When was the last time you received a “hello note” from a friend? Bring a smile to someone by being that person who starts the ball rolling. 


When I teach or do yoga, I always include a bridge (Setu bhandasana) pose. It is a multi-faceted posture and tones the pelvic floor (I dare you to do a Kegel or two or five, right now!)...

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September 2021 Blog Sober September

Well, it’s a new year; School year, that is. Kids are headed back to school. You’re grabbing an extra layer at night. The long days of summer are fading.


The summer months are well-known for various drinking opportunities, 30% of adults admit to binge drinking in the past 30 days. This would mean a woman drinks more than four drinks per night and a man imbibes more than five. 


Want to save money, lose weight, sleep better, and feel sharper mentally? Here’s your chance to give your liver a good cleanse...


Try indulging in Sober September.

Sounds hard?

The first few days may be the toughest.


Engage the help of a buddy. It’s easier to accomplish anything when you share a goal with a friend or family member. 

See that as your intention, to make it September 1-30 without alcohol. 


You’ll love enjoying all of your precious weekends without a headache or a dry mouth. 


Have you ever noticed how...

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