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August 2023 Newsletter 7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer

August 2023 Newsletter


7 Ways to Feel Re-energized for a Fabulous Summer


Take a journey without ever leaving your home this summer as you lean into these heart-healthy recipes. 


The lighter, summery ingredients in the food recipes are easily digested. 

Eat them for dinner, and rise the next day feeling revitalized and ready to make solid, health-forward choices that keep you accountable for your optimal health plans. 


You can use these breathing techniques anywhere. 

Take a break on your next walk or city stroll. 

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and explore how you feel after using 4-7-8 Breath or Loving Kindness Meditation. 


Rejuvenate this summer using these best practices. 

Chill, knowing the benefit of this trip will last a lifetime.


4 Epic Summertime Recipes



  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


This Mediterranean quinoa salad is chock-full of fresh veggies that marinate in a bright, new...

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March 2022 Blog Watch for Your Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Which ones have you seen lately? 


My first harbingers of spring are usually the birds. On February 12, I saw and heard my first red-wing blackbirds. These songbirds are so apparent with their call (“come-for-tea”) and bright red wings. They usually arrive in a flock so it’s hard to miss them. 


The most important factor in noticing them is to be out in nature. Got a bird feeder? They’ll arrive there. Live near water? Blackbirds or other newly-arriving flocks can be found in a tree overlooking a stream, river, or lake. 


Call to them. Repeat their song and they’ll respond to you. I love doing this as I walk past a tree that they’re sitting in. I feel as though we’re friends. 


Another sign I noticed is magpies with twigs or grasses in their beaks. I don’t see where they’re landing and yet I know there will be squawking in a few months from babies demanding (in no...

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