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Trees are like People December 2022 Blog

Do you have a favorite tree? Recently while listening to a sermon, our minister referred to a tree on the edge of a field. 


Has this ever happened to you? That someone will say something and a whole experience unravels in your mind?


That's what transpired a few weeks ago. I saw myself with my daughter on our trip of a lifetime in Bali. We sat on our balcony that overlooked an enormous tree. In the morning we watched hundreds of birds rise up to the outermost branches and fly off for the day. In the evening, the birds would return back into the protection of the branches for the night.


This is a tree that I return to, in my mind, often. It's now become a symbol for how important deep roots are, as well as branches that reach skyward. As we age, trees can become symbolic for us. We want to stand tall, and weather storms. We want to be a refuge for others and to stand tall, to support ourselves, and others. We expand our horizons. 



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Life-Changing Moments

November 2022 Blog


How do you express gratitude for the most precious gift ever? 


There is boundless love surrounding our first grandson, Henry. 

I step into the newest, and next, phase of maternal love. 


It’s a delicate balance ~ 


Visit but not too long ~ 


Be that extra pair of hands ~


Shop and make meals ~ 


Offer wisdom but not too much ~




How to help…


Keep showing up. 


A dear friend and I say this to each other on a regular basis. 


It’s what we do, now that our kids are grown. 


Now that the next generation is joining us.


We stand in witness of their amazing life choices. 


Showing up… It’s how we give back. 


And forward to the next generation.




Henry is the sweetest bundle of joy. 




He’s awake for about an hour during the...

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Squats well with others



Does this describe you? Squats well with others!  


I am grateful for the energy surges I receive when I push my body, just to the limit. Sometimes my body gives me a ticket when I’ve gone over the edge. That’s when I’m so glad to have a few self-care tricks up my sleeve. 


Now you can too.  


Warm it Up!

OK, maybe it’s a sign of graceful aging…I keep a heating pad next to my desk and use it often. 

My chiropractor recommended using heat for 20 minutes, a few times a day. 

I use one like this. The pad itself is a little longer so I can sit on it in the middle and get both my lower back and hamstrings. 

It’s great to have the 2 hour shut-off in case I forget to turn it off. 

Three heat settings offer options and the cover is washable. 

I’ll use it in the morning before I do my work out and I’ve warmed up my spine before I even start my warm up. ...

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What did you call your grandmother?

October 2022 Blog


There’s a celebration about to happen.

And I need your advice… on how to be a grand mother. 


The beginning of the next generation…

Expanding who we’re caretakers of

Using the  history of our elders

Putting our spin on the narrative…



With grace


And filled with gratitude.  


What is your grandmother story? 

Did you have one who told you stories, or soothed you through crises? 

Do you remember going to your grandmother’s home? 

What are the memories that are awakened? 


Both of my grandmothers died before I was born. I sought out grandmother role models. 

Several of the women on my street filled the bill. 

I remember Mrs. Schill with her cookie jar always filled with chocolate chip cookies that was next to a jar of Jergen’s Cherry Almond lotion. The smells are intermingled in my mind. 

Mrs. Davis’...

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What's on Your To-Do List? July 2022 Blog

Move on up

Have you noticed this in the past few years? That your health is moving up on the to-do list?


People who were 55-90 years old were surveyed about their beliefs about their health and what contributed to a healthy lifestyle in a new study by AARP and National Geographic.


It was noted that participants recognized that good health is no longer a given and it’s a critical time to stabilize health and engage in activities that will improve wellbeing.


These last few weeks, I’ve been part of a teaching lab of my own making as I recover from Covid.

The three days of fever were debilitating and the lingering lung issues were worrisome and troubling.

I’ve known several people with long-haul Covid symptoms and wanted to avoid dealing, at all costs, with the ongoing effects of this insidious virus.


Keep this list handy

That’s when I created the list of alternative therapies that I repeated until I had that moment…you know...

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June 2022 Blog Refocus to avoid Overwhelm

June 2022 Blog


When the world seems overwhelming, what do you do to help refocus?

One of my favorite songs is “Seasons of Love” from “Rent”. 

The lyrics remind us to pay attention to what really counts. 

The melody is uplifting. 

And it’s a reminder that there are 525,600 minutes in a year. 


I invite you to embrace a few of these life hacks and create space for events and days where there is more patience, kindness, love, and understanding in your world. 


Time Chunk 

You have items on your daily to-do list. 

Studies show that when there’s a time limit associated with a task, the chances of it getting done in the allotted time increases. 

How do you know if you’ve reached your goal if you haven’t set one? 

Accomplish what you set out to do and befriend the feeling of a timely success. 

You’ve just created space, now fill it with something that feels good to...

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Walking in Springtime

Walking in springtime. Sounds like a song title. 

Ready to get out and release the winter dust that may have descended during the chilly months? 

Let’s go for a walk. Maybe even more than once a day. 

Even 15 minutes a day of moderate-intensity walking can increase life expectancy by three years and lowers your risk of death by 14 percent, according to Health magazine. 


Ever since I was diagnosed with sciatica back in July and was advised to not do forward bends, I took to the sidewalks, and trails. I love a challenge. I had relied on my beloved yoga community to supply me with mindful movement strategies for years. Could I meet my same exercise quota through walks and weights? 


FITT is good to follow to ensure a successful workout. 

Frequency reminds one to move often.  

Intensity brings to mind the idea that for moderate exercise, you can carry on a conversation, and for intense movement, it would be difficult to sing...

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Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Which ones have you seen lately? 


My first harbingers of spring are usually the birds. On February 12, I saw and heard my first red-wing blackbirds. These songbirds are so apparent with their call (“come-for-tea”) and bright red wings. They usually arrive in a flock so it’s hard to miss them. 


The most important factor in noticing them is to be out in nature. Got a bird feeder? They’ll arrive there. Live near water? Blackbirds or other newly-arriving flocks can be found in a tree overlooking a stream, river, or lake. 


Call to them. Repeat their song and they’ll respond to you. I love doing this as I walk past a tree that they’re sitting in. I feel as though we’re friends. 


Another sign I noticed is magpies with twigs or grasses in their beaks. I don’t see where they’re landing and yet I know there will be squawking in a few months from babies demanding (in no...

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How big is your heart?

How big is your heart? As a powerful 50+ woman, do you struggle with ways to keep it healthy? 

Just think about it, your heart beats 100,000 times a day. It is part of the autonomic nervous system. 

Thank goodness that all of this remarkable reliability takes place without us having to think about it. 


February is Healthy Heart Month-a perfect month for Valentine’s Day! 


Here are a few heartful facts…


An adult heart is about the size of two hands clasped together. A child’s heart is about the size of a fist. 

The youngest person who underwent heart surgery was one minute old. 


More heart attacks occur on Monday than on any other day of the week.


The fairy fly, which is a kind of wasp, has the smallest heart of any living creature.


Your arteries are 4 millimeters thick (It doesn’t take much for greasy foods to clog them).

It only takes 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circulate...

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