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April 2024 Newsletter Let's use the momentum of this new season to put some pep in our step.

April 2024 Newsletter
We can use the momentum of this new season to put some pep in our step. 
Are you ready to whip like a spring wind? What is in your dreamland at this budding time of year? 
It’s spring! 
Hopefully, winter’s over where you are. Does it seem as though the seasons are at a standstill? We know the buds are there, just waiting for the right time to burst forth. Often, I’ll feel a new season arrive on a clearing wind. 
Do you ever feel this way, that the right moment has arrived?  
This month, I struggled with low back issues and a cold that wouldn’t quit. I got out the big guns, used all the tools in my green medicine kit, and am finally on the mend. It’s not time to stop remedying. Actually, this is a pivotal point in helping prevent secondary infections such as sinusitis or bronchitis. 
Two nights ago, I had a clearing dream. We were together with cousins and other family members, and there was...
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