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January 2024 Newsletter How Do You Help Lift All Boats?

What's your genius?  

Everyone has a zone of excellence to share.

What's yours? How did that come to be? Thank you for being part of the tide that improves the world. 


How do you move your skill set to a new level if you're working, or retired?

Personally, what's your aim? 


Mine is to broaden my friendship circle. When I was younger, I used to have a sign on my wall that  stated, "Preserve wildlife, throw a party." I love to play charades (ask me about Justin Bieber sometime!)

How do you get out on the edge? 

How do you help lift other boats? 


How do you toot your horn?

Where are you outstanding in your community? 


This year, I will be offering Meetups every two weeks. 

On the second Friday of each month at 3 pm, we'll walk (~ 1 hour) at Peet's Hill behind the Bozeman Library. 


Then, let's get together for a themed party on the fourth Friday, also at 3 pm, in the Community Room at the Bozeman...

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