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December 2023 Newsletter Let's Celebrate Your Wins!


Next year is around the corner.  

What are your takeaways for the year? And your leave-behinds?

Celebrate your wins.


What is your vision of success? What’s the plan? Use life’s lessons to live smarter, not harder.

Looking back at this year, we can jumpstart next year.

What are this year’s accomplishments that come to mind?

Soak in those moments of pride that came from your dedicated work. Be brave to notice when things didn’t work out.


On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low and 10 nearing perfection, how would you rate your 

Relationships (who do you want to spend more/less time with), 

Money (how is your budgeting), 

Career/retirement (is it fulfilling), 

Physical health (what is your satisfaction with your movement, diet, alcohol use), 

Mental health (how is your stress, anger, depressive moments), 

Unpaid activities (volunteer,...

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