Retreats 2023

July 23-28, 2023

Join us at Blacktail Ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana, United States for the Mindfully Renew and Magnify your Energy Retreat. 

Join our 5-day healing retreat at the 8,000 acre Blacktail Ranch to unwind, have fun, reduce stress, and cultivate self-awareness.

Engage in joyful activities, reflect on your goals, and take in the beautiful mountain views.

Mindfully bring more ease into your life through contemplative breathing and movement practices so you return home feeling grounded, and with more clarity and focus. 

Enjoy connecting with nature through horseback rides, nature walks, create cultural crafts, soak your feet in the creek, or star gaze by the campfire. 

Use our time together to renew and magnify your energy, gain clarity on what matters most. and develop a more intentional approach to life.

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